Prospects are bright for the AV industry. Analysis from global AV trade association AVIXA shows that the global AV industry will enjoy a compound annual growth rate of 4.3 percent from 2018 to 2023, growing in absolute terms from about $186 billion in 2018 to $230 billion in 2023.

This growth is particularly impressive in Asia – where IFSEA is set to take place. Asia is poised to take the lead as the largest market, capturing 36 percent of the global AV market by 2023.

In this climate, an AV professional’s value will be measured by their ability to comfortably utilize the latest innovations, and their industry connections.

This is because people are increasingly conversant in technology with complex expectations. In the increasingly integrated world of technology, AV professionals need to be able to work with more advanced and complexed technologies in order to create the best user experiences. They need to know how to harness enabling technologies like IoT and AI and identify emerging needs from vertical industries.

That requires continual learning, relentless networking and keeping a perpetual finger on the pulse of the latest innovations.

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Future of Projection

Projectors and video walls are core to the visual elements of Pro-AV. However, great strides have been made to enhance the quality, impact and interactivity of the images.

For instance, 4k ultra-high definition resolution which offers super-clear and crisp images are now increasingly affordable. OLED screens, compared to the LED screens of old, can be made extremely thin, flexible and small, to fit client configurations. Projector-based touch-screen technology can even turn any flat surface, like a wall, into a screen which people can interact with using their hands. This is applicable in a range of uses including education, planning and retail.

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Spotlight on User Experience

It is no longer enough for an AV system to work well. It has to feel good. User experience or UX is the latest buzzword in the Pro-AV world and it isn’t just about the end-user; even installers and integrators want to be able to put up, say, a networked audio and video system quickly and simply.

In order to strengthen the UX, it is critical for AV professionals to understand the increasingly-complex big picture and how their work – whether as consultants or distributors or integrators – can seamlessly fit into the whole. Think, for instance, about what it takes to set up a voice-enabled hospital room where patients can effectively interact with cognitive technologies embedded in devices, which can then access the cloud and IoT services, to provide answers.

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Artificial Intelligence in Pro-AV

Artificial intelligence could well be the next big thing in AV. Already familiar to most consumers via smart apps like Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant, technologies which can take over tasks which normally require human intelligence is now set to blaze a trail in commercial settings in combination with Pro-AV technologies.

These include virtual self-service holograms which can interact and answer questions, smart interactive white-boards which can figure out ways for meeting participants to streamline discussions by using real-time analytics, and advances in voice recognition technology which enable machines to understand people, so people don’t even have to lift a finger.

"There has never been a more exciting time for us AV professionals. It is interesting to see how, across different sectors, the same solution is utilised in various ways. In airports and retail shops, video walls are used to display visual content; in control centres, they are mighty surveillance systems. Video conferencing solutions allow businesses and educational institutions to hold virtual and global collaborations. As demands become increasingly sophisticated, our work will have a greater impact on others."

Senior AV System Integrator at a consultancy firm

Technologies for the strategic AV professional:

Building & Enterprise Automation • Command & Control Systems • Surveillance & Security Systems • Environmental Control • Collaborative Conferencing • Meeting Room Technology • Digital Signage • Display & Projection Technology • Distributed Audio & Video Systems • Simulation Technology • Interactive Touch Technology

Discover how these technologies and more can help future-proof your business at InfoComm Southeast Asia 2019 happening at Bangkok, Thailand from 15-17 May 2019.

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