Broadcast The Power to Engage Audiences
with Digital Interconnect

"Live" in the moment – every pun intended. Increasingly, that is what radio listeners and TV viewers want. That is precisely what pro-AV and Info-Comm Technology are delivering today. With fibre optics, flying cameras or drones, and robotics, visuals are breathtaking and mind-boggling. Advanced sound technology completes the "live" experience.

Keep the man in the street your loyal fan and follower as you transform his awareness and transport him to where the most exciting events unfold.

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A Borderless Workspace

Pro-AV and Info-Comm technologies have made it easier to weave filmmaking magic. Today’s state-of-the-art mixing desks allow engineers to manipulate as well as mix digital sounds from as many as 320 channels. With any blockbuster undertaking, a large team of engineers is working on the files simultaneously. They may be working from remote locations away from the studio too. Specialised solutions like KVM switchers keep everyone connected. They allow multiple users to access PCs at the same time. Streamlined functions engender efficiency so the movies can make it in time for the big premiere date.

Technologies for the master Broadcaster:

Amplifiers, Speakers & Mixers • AV Distribution & Delivery • Studio Lighting • Media Walls • Public Address & Intercom • Streaming & Webcasting • Video Production & Editing • Projection & Display

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