Enterprise The Power of Collaborative Synergy
with Digital Interconnect

Hot desks and virtual offices; these are becoming the norm as businesses learn they can run faster, leaner and cheaper with the options provided by the coupling of pro-AV and Info-Comm Technology. Staff can be summoned from wherever they are, whenever required, to appear on screens larger-than-life or on small personal mobile devices.

Everyone is looking for the solution to high office rents, escalating manpower costs, and particularly work-life balance. Be the one with the pro-AV and Info-Comm solutions, to make work a joy for others and enterprises effective, efficient and affluent.


When work becomes fun

Conference rooms are the nerve centres in today's offices. Buoyed by pro-AV and Info-Comm technologies such as full-range PA speakers, sound processors and feedback suppressors, offices can facilitate and support smooth transcontinental transactions. They also enable excellent training and entertainment programmes. Who says life is all work and no play?

Technologies for the perceptive Enterprise:

Interactive Digital Boards • Enterprise Automation • Collaborative Conferencing • Projection & Display • Presentation Room Control • Board Room Technology • Digital Information Systems • Room Scheduling • Simulation • Training Aids

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