In a world where people are bombarded with new technologies and endless information streams, the biggest challenge for live events and venue organizers is in creating new and unique experiences that make an impact with an instant wow factor.

Pro-AV and Integrated Experience Solutions have already upped the ante. The likes of fine-pitch LED, projection mapping and tracking, 360-degree panoramic projection, live streaming from drones, artificial and virtual reality, have all been deployed to breathe life into old venues and turn events into unforgettable moments where brand messages are seared into the audience’s memories.

These technologies allow unlimited possibilities in expression, communication and transformation. Those who are amongst the first to embrace this will lead the pack in the future.

live events and venues

Communicating Innovation

Imagine an event where drones fly over the audience in formation. Huge hexagonal columns function as complex projection surfaces while a vast LED wall and floor comprising small LED tiles spanning 6,500 square feet provide a stunning backdrop of moving high-definition video to support the performer. At one point in the show, thin plastic tubes filled with LEDs called nanotubes dance and change color, seemingly suspended across the stage. Such events, where every Pro-AV element adds wows on top of wows, is already a reality.

live events and venues

Magic City

As part of an LED digital art festival in Tokushima, Japan, a renowned art and technology Japanese collaborative called Team Lab created a stunning series of audio, visual and immersive works to transform the city’s rivers and forests.

At one spot, a party of people did folk dances and played music – only they weren’t real but were holograms, and could respond to passersby. At another, nature was “digitized” as trees magically changed color as people walked past, thanks to smart autonomous lights installed amongst the leaves. Those who downloaded an app could stand in front of a “firework” display, comprising a three-dimensional light display, and choreograph their own crystal fireworks.

live events and venues

Re-inventing Old Venues

One of the best instances where Pro-AV technology has brought life to old venues is in museums. Gone are the days when people walk through galleries of static displays reading off information cards.

Today, virtual reality headsets transport visitors to different places and times, dynamic 4K projections and music make displays come alive, touch video walls allow visitors to access reams of extra documents and material, and to draw in the children museums are getting interactive.

One of the most popular kid-friendly exhibits at the Singapore Artscience Museum is Future World, an exhibition based primarily on interactive light magic.

"Our audiences today want to push the envelope of their experience. Just being at a concert is not enough anymore. They want to feel as if they are a part of the action. Pro-AV and InfoComm Technology is the answer. The sensory experience of fantastic sound and visual effects immediately take them to a dreamlike world. It makes them feel as if they are performing with their idols."

Audio Engineer at a live-events company

Technologies for captivating Entertainment:

AV Control Systems • Speakers • Projection & Display • 3D & Visualisation • Virtual Reality • Simulation • Distributed Audio & Video Systems • Lighting • Digital Signage • Interactive Touch Technology • Video Walls

Discover how these technologies and more can help future-proof your business at InfoComm Southeast Asia 2019 happening at Bangkok, Thailand from 15-17 May 2019.

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