When it comes to financial institutions - from stock exchanges to trading floors to banks - pro-AV and Integrated Experience Solutions have transformed both the back-end and customer-facing aspects of the financial services industry.

On the back-end, pro-AV solutions like display installations that can operate round-the-clock provide bankers and traders with up-to-date information such as breaking news and market data in an impactful format, so swift decisions can be made.

On the front end, banks around the world are investing in pro-AV solutions to improve customer engagement and reduce overheads. They are capitalizing on the effectiveness of these technologies to increase information retention and cross-selling, improve customer relations, reduce visitor frustration and even improve operational efficiency by reducing the need for space and workers.

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High-Tech Screen, Real-Time Information

One of the most striking features on the trading floor of US energy giant Exelon Corporation’s premises is a giant LED screen, flanked by two smaller screens. Measuring 30 meters across, the huge main display shows the most up-to-date information on what is happening in the market place, which is essential in the fast-paced world of oil and energy trading. It also conveys a sense of impressive technical innovation as soon as anyone steps into the building.

Leaps in pro-AV technology also ensures that even though the screen - which is just 1.9mm thick - is in use for up to 12 hours a day, it offers long life and little power.

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Recreating Trading Floor Excitement

When the opportunity arose for the London Stock Exchange to put up a world-class display in its cavernous atrium spanning seven floors, it decided to go with a stunning arrangement of modular rear projection cube units – comprising a short-throw projector based on an LED light source - which could be built together into a large video wall display. The flexibility in how the cubes could be arranged perfectly suited the odd shape of the LSE’s Atrium.

The projection cubes not only provided real-time market data, bespoke company content and live new streaming – so critical to the traders – it also recreated the dynamic atmosphere of a true market open, back in the days of the old trading floor of the 80s.

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Strengthening Customer Engagement

When the Jyske Bank in Denmark aspired to become the country’s most customer-oriented bank, across all 125 of its branches, pro-AV technologies played a huge role in its ambitions. A thousand digital signage displays were placed in all of the bank’s lobbies featuring interactive presentations.

For instance, instead of a multitude of pamphlets, bank information on loans, savings, investments and other areas were available through entertaining presentations. Bank customers simply had to pick up a colorful box about the size of a cereal box, on their subject of interest, and scan in the box bar code to watch. Such a digital signage display also presents far more information than a static advertisement, while using the same amount of physical space.

"Money never sleeps, so neither do we. We need a system that never breaks down or shuts down. Thankfully, we have good pro-AV and Info-Comm Technology to share information with global money markets, at any hour. We can be at each other's beck and call, even half-way around the world. We can convey information and documents across quickly and accurately. That's how we are quick to spot golden opportunities and close good deals."

Financial Manager at a brokerage firm

Technologies for the savvy financier:

Collaborative Conferencing • Digital Signage • Projection & Display • Presentation & Training Aids • Streaming & Webcasting • Digital Information Systems

Discover how these technologies and more can help future-proof your business at InfoComm Southeast Asia 2019 happening at Bangkok, Thailand from 15-17 May 2019.

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