Hotels, restaurants, resorts and other hospitality venues which embrace integrated AV experiences are re-imagining the very idea of travel.

These already go beyond standard provisions of TV monitors, touchscreen displays, basic sound systems and lighting.

Immersion through cutting-edge Pro-AV and Integrated Experience Solutions is deepening the relationship between guests and brands – think digital concierges and smart hotel rooms which “know” their guests and preferences the minute they walk in - while dynamic, digital content is connecting guests to authentic, local, multi-sensory experiences in ways never thought possible before.

In the hospitality industry, these solutions - together with a myriad of related technologies including artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things - not only help hospitality businesses to save on costs with smarter automation.

It is also elevating and transforming hospitality experiences, so guests experience unprecedented levels of service. Those who are amongst the first to embrace the transformation will lead the pack in the future.


Virtual Reality Holidays

When the Thomas Cook travel agency invested in virtual reality headsets so potential customers could “test-drive” new travel destinations like New York, it enjoyed a 190 percent surge in bookings for New York.

Other bespoke experiences included helicopter tours of Manhattan, trips to resorts in Rhodes, visiting the Egyptian pyramids and talking a walk on a bridge at the Singapore Gardens by the Bay.

These VR experiences lasted all of five minutes. But the multi-sensory experiences, provided starting in January 2015, were clearly effective in wowing many of those who tried it to sign up for the real thing. As their slogan went - try before you fly. It worked.


Hotel Lobby Tech Theatres

In a clear reflection of consumer preferences, research company Software Advice found in a 2015 survey that travelers are 63 percent more likely to choose a hotel with a tech-enabled lobby. They want information at their fingertips. That means lobby touchscreens that provide news, weather, flight updates and local recommendations.

Even beyond that, imagine stepping into a hotel with walls festooned with digital artwork which respond to your movements, so you become a living “search engine” for local cuisines, live music, theater, shopping and other local activities to be found around the area.

This is all part of the latest in digitally immersive environments, the Internet of Things, adaptive interfaces and the neuroscience of customer engagement in a digital world.


Immersive Fantasy with Projection Mapping

On the plain white walls of the hotel’s function room, an entire 3D panorama is entrancing the guests as they watch water flow, fire burn and trees grow. Accompanying the 3D projection is 28-channel surround sound, immersing the guests in a world beyond the hotel building they are in.

Projection mapping – the technology which allows the projecting of video on buildings, walls and uneven surfaces to create 3D video without distortion – is wowing visitors as hotels are turned into photo-worthy destinations on their own.

Some hotels – faced with the problem of having rooms without windows or ground-floor rooms – even empower their guests to customize their own rooms using projection mapping. The guests could sleep in space amongst the stars or in a museum, surrounded by works of art.

"We have fitted our guestrooms with touch control panels and mobile devices. Our guests can now tailor their enjoyment to suit their preference! Thanks to the touch control panels, they have absolute control over the entertainment systems and ambience lighting. They can also peruse our in-room menus and make reservations at our restaurants on the mobile devices. It is pure convenience and pleasure from start to finish!"

General Manager of a 5-star hotel

Technologies for the intuitive Hospitality provider:

Guest Room Entertainment & Control • Digital Signage • Projection & Display • Public Address & Intercom • Wayfinders • Distributed Audio & Video Systems • Lighting • Room Scheduling • Meeting Room Control • Presentation & Training Aids

Discover how these technologies and more can help future-proof your business at InfoComm Southeast Asia 2019 happening at Bangkok, Thailand from 15-17 May 2019.

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