Oil, Mining & Energy The Power to Fuel the Future
with Digital InterConnect

Whether from the middle of the ocean or the depths of the earth, information is available – instantaneously. Even visuals and videos can be conveyed to remote offices and headquarters elsewhere. Heads of oil, mining and energy companies can get minute and accurate information without having to be anywhere on location or site. Decisions can be made immediately, but accurately, thanks to pro-AV and Info-Comm facilities and solutions that provide end-to-end communications and contact. You may be outstation but never out of touch.

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For electricity distribution, oil and mining companies, real-time access to information is what underpins the success of an operation. To ensure failsafe communication capabilities, their command centres need to be fitted with display walls that can monitor flow data as well as support video, TV, broadcast, cable and SCADA inputs. Wall processors enable the display of data from different information sources, be it system monitors, the Internet, TVs or PCs. With the ability to switch between source inputs, officers can easily monitor mission progress and take action to pre-empt any potential risk.

Technologies for the advanced Oil, Mining & Energy player:

Simulation • Control Rooms • AV Distribution & Delivery • Projection & Display • Public Address & Intercom • Digital Signage

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