Retail And Shopping Malls THE FUTURE OF RETAIL

Yes, everyone is going online to buy things.

But brick-and-mortar retail is far from dying. The winning edge lies in holding the customer’s attention so they stay in the store for longer periods of time to make planned or impulsive buys. That hinges on creating experiences.

Currently, loud music and static video displays are already part of the old wave, which customers are already very much used to.

What is up-and-coming are cutting-edge Pro-AV technologies which enable interaction, create personalized in-store experiences, enable mobile integration, allow the creation of content on all surfaces of the store including the ceilings, and which transform retail spaces into immersive destinations.

Those who are amongst the first to embrace this transformation will lead the pack in the future.

retail and shopping malls

Super Thin Screens

In the retail industry where every square footage of space counts, one of the more exciting developments in display technology is the use of super-thin organic light-emitting diode (OLED) panels which are far superior to the coarse pixelated screens of older LED walls.

Featuring bright moving images with high dynamic range and super-saturated colors, giant OLED screens which are transparent are now making a splash in the market. As thin as 4mm in depth, these truly impressive screens, made from one piece of glass, allows retailers to deliver messages and promote products while showing the actual products through the glass.

retail and shopping malls

Embrace Shoppertainment

Shoppertainment – entertaining and engaging shoppers – is the latest buzzword in retail, and Pro-AV and Integrated Experience Solutions is one of its pillars. To make shopping fun and enjoyable, augmented reality is being deployed to create immersive experiences.

For instance, at one of sport retailer Nike’s stores in New York, customers don’t just get to try on sports shoes for size, they get to run in a park or play in a soccer match – thanks to multiple video walls surrounding the customer, some of which are interactive.

retail and shopping malls

Personalizing Products

Shoppers want to know how they will look or feel after buying certain products, and smart visual displays enable them to do this easily.

Cosmetics company Charlotte Tilbury installed special mirrors in their store, which would scan in the faces of shoppers sitting in front of the mirror and then give ten “makeover” looks without the shopper having to actually go through the laborious process of putting on makeup.

Outdoor wear retailer Timberland placed a large Kinect-enabled screen in front of its store, which enabled passers-by to stand in front and “try on” its products.

Sports retailer allowed customers to design their own shoes and then “project” these designs, with a special video-mapping device, onto white shoes to see how it would actually appear.

"Our customers love that they can come into our stores and try different looks and designs on our digital screens. They get a virtual idea of how the clothes will fit them, even though it may be in another store. Sometimes, the salespeople in the other stores can show it to them through our screens and webcams. All thanks to pro-AV and Info-Comm Technology. It’s a worthwhile investment."

CEO of a clothing brand

Technologies for the persuasive Retailer:

Digital Signage • Projection & Display • Public Address & Intercom • Wayfinders • AV Distribution & Delivery

Discover how these technologies and more can help future-proof your business at InfoComm Southeast Asia 2019 happening at Bangkok, Thailand from 15-17 May 2019.

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