InfoComm Southeast Asia’s success is due to the support of the following governmental organizations, industry associations and organizations.

Supporting Governmental Organizations


Bangkok Mass Transit Authority

"We provide the quality and professional bus service with advance and environment friendly technologies"

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Digital Economy Promotion Agency

Digital Economy Promotion Agency (depa)

Promulgated on 23 January 2017

The Premier Digital Economy Promotion Agency to Accelerate Transformation in Thailand


  • To develop the digital economy promotion strategies in accordance with the national policy and plan on the development of digital economy and society
  • To promote and support the investment or business operations in relation to the digital industry and innovation
  • To promote, support and work with other public and private organizations to achieve the development of digital industry and innovation
  • To promote, support and implement the human resource development with regard to digital industry and innovation
  • To propose, expedite and follow up on the amendment of intellectual property protection laws, regulations or measures related to digital industry and innovation, in collaboration with the relevant agencies
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Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand

Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand

"To be the excellence mass rapid transit organization that sustainably elevates the quality of life and enhances city development nation-wide"

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Ministry of Public Health

Ministry of Public Health

The Ministry of Public Health is a Thai governmental body which response and manage the oversight of public health in Thailand.


In Thailand before 1888, there were no permanent, public hospitals to provide any treatment for sick person, patient. Temporary hospitals were set up while epidemics, and then disbanded when the epidemics subsided. Under King Chulalongkorn (Rama V), a hospital was constructed and completed in 1888 and named "Siriraj Hospital" in commemoration of the king's young son, Prince Siriraj Kakudhabhand, who had died of dysentery.

During the reign of King Rama VIII, the Ministry of Public Health was established on 1942 as a result of the enactment of the Ministries and Departments Reorganization Act of B.E. 2485. The date 27 November is the commemoration day of the Ministry of Public Health's foundation.

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National Discovery Museum Institute

National Discovery Museum Institute (NDMI)

National Discovery Museum Institute (NDMI) is a specific organization under Office of Knowledge Management and Development Public Organization (OKMD) established by the declaration of Knowledge Development Executive Boards Decree on June 18, 2004.

The objectives are to help setting up “Museum Siam”, a new trend of museum with a concept of learning center that focus on thinking development, enhance advanced learning and create innovations, support collaboration and increase participation with other museum networks. NDMI also aims to set standard for Learning Process and museum management at a higher quality and efficiency; improve proper museum knowledge for Thai society which focus at the students, researchers, and all citizens.

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Music Mahidol University

The College of Music, Mahidol University

The College of Music, Mahidol University was established with an aim to produce music students of high quality, with good taste and with a social conscience. Such aims are reflected in all components that make up the college; the curriculum, buildings, and activities organised by the college etc. From its establishment in 1995 to the present, the College has expanded, developed and progressed in all aspects, from teaching quality, number of students, buildings, social and international missions. The College retains huge potential for future expansion. Realizing that the grandeur of material constructions does not necessarily reflect their true merits, the College values the intellectual and emotional nourishment of its students and personnel towards their goals and enables them to become a pillar of the music society and the country.

The progress of the College of Music is the proof of the development in quality of all involved parties. The future of the College of Music is therefore not about the future of a music college, but about the future of a musical utopia in a borderless world.

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The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission of Thailand

The Office of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission of Thailand (The Office of NBTC), as the Thai regulator with world class standards, having powers and duties to assign the frequencies and to regulate the broadcasting and telecommunications business with regard to utmost public benefit at national and local levels in education, culture, state security and other public interests as well as free and fair competition.

The major roles of NBTC are as follows:

  1. To license and regulate the use of frequencies and equipment in the broadcasting, telecommunications, or radio communications services;
  2. To license and regulate the broadcasting and telecommunications business to ensure that the users are provided with services with quality, efficiency, timeliness, reliability and fairness;
  3. To set standards and technical specifications for broadcasting, telecommunications and radio communications services/equipment.

Office of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission
87 Phaholythin 8 (Soi Sailom), Samsen Nai, Phayathai, Bangkok 10400
Tel: 0 2670 8888  Call Center 1200 ( Press 2 )



Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (Public Organization) or TCEB is an official organization established by the Royal Decree following the decree’s publication in the Royal Gazette on September 28, 2002. TCEB has been operating since the year 2004. TCEB has objectives in promoting and coordinating corporate meetings, incentive events, conventions and exhibitions which are collectively referred to as the acronym ‘MICE’ standing for Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions in Thailand. The Bureau’s establishment reflects Thailand’s growing stature as a destination of choice for international meetings, conventions and exhibitions.

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Supporting Associations


Advertising & Sign Producing Association (ASPA)

ADVERTISING AND SIGN PRODUCING ASSOCIATION (ASPA) was founded on December 7, 1978. Association has 109 registered members, divided into seven groups according to the nature of the business which includes digital out of home, and is comprised of billboards, street furniture, transit advertising, and supplier’s material.

The Chairman of ASPA, Mr.Chakkrit Khemthong, has a policy to strengthen the organization by setting up a strategic plan for use as a tool and mechanism to drive the association systematically. The main mission of the Association is committed and determined to help the members follow this points:

  1. Growth
  2. Diversity
  3. Approach
  4. Professionalism
  5. Sustainability

Contact Us:
159/46 Soi.Vibhavadi 62, Vhibhavadi-Rangsit Rd., Bangkhen Laksi Bangkok Thailand 10210
Tel. (66) 2521 8255
Fax. (66) 2521 8257


Association of Thai Tourism Marketing (ATTM)

The Association of Thai Tourism Marketing (ATTM) was established to drive and support tourism entrepreneurs in all clusters enhancing their People Competency to be ready for Tourism 4.0, developing Creative Business model and Product Signatures, Connecting to more Partners, Creating higher value storytelling and Marketing to integrated Online-to-Offline Platform. We also aim link Traditional Tourism Entrepreneur to Media &Blogger and Travel Tech Startup to collaborate digital Content & Tools with more efficiency and profitable business performance.

Furthermore, ATTM focusing on selecting and empowering Travel and Sport Tech Startup to grow together with Tourism Entrepreneur, by exchanging experience, knowledges, connection, and innovation not only for Marketing Distribution but also to improve Operation Standard, Safety for Sustainable growth.

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Digital Advertising Association (Thailand) (DAAT)

Digital Advertising Association (Thailand) (DAAT) was established in October 2012 ,comprised of experts from leading digital advertising agencies aiming to publish the value of digital advertising, create reliability, educate and development of human potential in the advertising industry, and share digital advertising know how for the industry as a way to increase efficiency and demand of digital advertising into the industry and lastly to foster cooperation with each member in order to raise the standards of vocation and morality in digital advertising. A group of established companies servicing digital advertising in Thailand realized the impact and significant growth of this new media. The simple goal of this committee, DAAT among digital companies and advertisers as a whole, is to benefit the industry, companies, and consumers under the same direction. With collective support, advertisers should elevate the industry at the highest levels in the future. After careful consideration, this committee officially established DAAT.

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E-Learning Association of Thailand

The e-Learning Association of Thailand is an organization with committee members form both the government and private sectors.

Teachers, administrators, learners, entrepreneurs, and interested persons who are members of e-Lat have the opportunity to learn about and share information on technology, innovation, digital content, and the digital economy to improve education and modernize various profession and provide commercial benefit. To assist educators and entrepreneurs working in areas related to e-Learning by supporting and promoting the acquisition of knowledge and experience and the sharing of such information, cooperating with government agencies such as the Ministry of ICT and the Digital Economy Promotion Agency [DEPA], private sector groups such as ThaiSim: The Thai Simulation and Gaming Association and the Rotary Club, as well as education institution at all levels. To build connection between creators, developers, and users of e-Learning so that they can share their knowledge and experience. We work with other organization for the benefit of the public.

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Event Management Association (EMA)

The Business of Creative and Event Management Association (EMA) has the start of an exchange of ideas from industry experts, event organizers, events and below the line marketing communications. The first phase started with small groups and became more and more known among the different companies in the same business. That makes the demand for creativity, support, and development in creative business so it has been established to The "Club Event Club" that has 39 founding members.

Later it was developed as a registered association with the Ministry of Commerce. "The Business of Creative and Event Management Association (EMA) on April 10, 2007. The first Annual General Meeting was held on June 19, 2007 to inform the members about the change of status and the selection of committee to manage the association.


Saraburi City Development (SBCD)

Saraburi City Development Co., Ltd. has been found on June 22, 2017 by 20 founders. The company aims to create good living and sustainable happiness of Saraburi people.

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Thai Advertising Business Development Association (TABDA)

It is a organization that aim to promote developing the competency of people involved in all kinds of the advertising media production especially in Out-of-home media to be standardized both nationally and internationally.


  • To support and foster enterprises engaged in the sign production and all kinds of advertising media
  • To support and help members solve the problem and obstacles
  • To build up the Unity and to be an intermediary in the exchange of knowledge in the theoretical and practical way
  • To promote quality and standards in Producing sign and advertising sign materials that members produce or sell in good standards and also supports research and improves production process
  • To initiate/give opportunity to develop knowledge by providing members with teaching, training, seminars, and workshop
  • To be a Non-profit organization

Thai Advertising Business Development Association
Tel: +662-521-8258
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Thai Electrical & Mechanical Contractors Association (TEMCA)

Thai Electrical & Mechanical Contractors Association (TEMCA) was founded in 1985 as a dependable center for its members consisted of electrical and mechanical contractors, manufacturers and suppliers of related equipment. TEMCA is instrumental in encouraging and supporting its members to improve their business and to strengthen their potentials to compete in both local and international arena. Besides general activities, TEMCA takes part in improving the standards and the ethics of the business involved in engineering and installation practices in Thailand. TEMCA is also the Authorized Center for Electrician Competency Assessment and Accreditation of DSD. Find more details of TEMCA profile and activities on the website at

Thai HealthTech Association

Thai Health Tech Association

Thai Health Tech Association is the collaboration of healthtech startup companies in Thailand. We aim to bring technology to improve and transform healthcare services including telemedicine, service search, home health care, big data analysis, IoT, blockchain, and management systems for healthcare facilities (hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies) to name a few.

There are 55 companies in the association up to date.

Our vision:
Improve quality of healthcare to reach international standard with the help of technology and innovation.

Our missions:
  1. Emphasize on collaboration of healthtech startup ecosystem.
  2. Help supporting the new emerging and developing healthtech startups, at the same time, facilitate growth and expansion of the current ones.
  3. Raise awareness and remodel the thinking process to improvise new technologies in healthcare not only in Thailand but worldwide.
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Thai Hotels Association (THA)

Thai Hotel Association was established in 1963 by the Board of Directors and hotel owners called “Hotel Association for Tourist of Thailand” with the following objectives:

  1. To foster the spirit of unity among members and support each other in hotel industry
  2. To support tourism in the country with cooperation from Tourism Organizations in both Thailand and overseas
  3. To impart knowledge and coordinate among members without involving politics The previous Head Office was located at the Oriental Hotel

In 1968 the “Hotel Association for Tourist of Thailand” was renamed to “Thai Hotels Association”. The present Head Office is located at 203-209/3 Ratchadamnoen Klang Avenue , Bowonniwet, Pranakon, Bangkok 10200.

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Thai Intelligent Transport Systems Association

Thai Intelligent Transport Systems Association (ITS Thailand)

Thai Intelligent Transport Systems Association or ITS Thailand was established on February 25th, 2008 with the vision "Toward a better life with ITS". We are the official member of ITS Asia Pacific and ITS World Congress. Please join us to learn and share the ITS solutions for the country.

ITS Thailand promotes efficient mobility by technologies. The association coordinates stakeholders in Thailand, provides know-how of present and future mobility. We gather members who are experts in the field of technologies, smart transport, and smart mobility. Through ITS Thailand, we leverage ITS activities in Thailand. Some of the activities include the promotion of traffic information, ITS standards, the study of connected and automated vehicles. Our scope covers a wide range of ITS applications, such as traffic management, smart mobility (smart city), safety, public transport.

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Thai IoT Association

The core of Thai IoT Association mission was founded on collaboration of all sectors propelling Thailand towards IoT Hub of ASEAN and SMART Thailand. Currently it has six main targets being Smart Agriculture, Smart Health, Smart Tourism, Smart Industry, Smart Logistics, and Smart City, including providing guidance on the Internet of Things (IoT) technology usages and applications in the education, manufacturing, and services sectors as well as creating labor resources with practical skills to serve the real needs by defining and aligning with the works of government agencies and private sectors to unfold technologies and innovation of the country to match with other civilized countries.

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Thai Security Association (TSA)

Thai Security Association (TSA) is continuing to develop innovation technology of security system to meet consumer demand. TSA was established since April 26, 2012 the structure of association has continued to expand and collaboration with security equipment vendors. Engineering Business Group institute of Technology and Technology Development, Hardware and Software etc. Moreover, TSA has participated in the standardization of the security system of Thailand. Develop new technologies to enhance the potential of Thai Security entrepreneurs on ASEAN.

TSA has over 300 members. It is comprised of leading business leaders in the field of security system in Thailand. Moreover, TSA also organizes several cooperation between members in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore.

TSA is a member of business association in Thailand such as Board of Trade of Thailand, Thai – Chinese Chamber of Commerce, ASEAN professional Security Association and Global Security Industry Alliance.

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Thailand Interior Designer's Association

As a professional association, TIDA has strong visions and goals. Chief amongst them are to support our designers and industry to achieve the highest level of professional services, creativity and conduct. We work to strengthen the relationship and support between our academic and professional institutions as well as with international institutions. We strive to cultivate budding talents in students and young designers. We promote a sense of comradely and community within the industry both locally and with our neighbors. And we are the bridge to assist with connecting designers to innovative resources both locally and internationally. We achieve these goals through several initiatives and events.

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Thailand Professional Lighting Audio Visual System Association (TLAV)

Thailand Professional Lighting Audio Visual System Association or "TLAV" was found in 2018 to represent the community of people who are profession of lighting, audio and visual business including rental companies, events, live entertainment, consultants, systems designer, integrator, system operators, dealers, distributors and to be a hub for professional collaboration, information, community, awareness consulting, professional, and academic that benefits members and society. TLAV cooperates with the government agencies, organizations, and institutions both within the country and abroad.

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The Association of Private Higher Education Institutions of Thailand (APHEIT)

Association of Private Higher Education Institutions of Thailand (APHEIT) Under the Patronage of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, established in 1979, is a non-profit association founded by a group of private higher education institutions in Thailand to establish and promote cooperation among private higher education institutions in the country. APHEIT is recognized by Office of Higher Education Commission, Ministry of Education as one of the organizations that plays an important role in Thailand’s university administration. The objectives of APHEIT are to encourage collaboration among institution members and other educational institutions, public and private sectors, businesses, industries in Thailand and abroad to enhance and strengthen the quality of higher education. The strategic focus is on producing professionals in different fields in response to the demand of manpower for business, industry, and national development including the 10 target industries under the policy Thailand 4.0. Contact APHEIT at or 02-354-5689.


The National Federation of Motion Pictures and Contents Associations (MPC)

The National Federation of Motion Pictures and Contents Associations (MPC) was founded in 1991, our purposes is to encourage, support, and promote the Thai film industry.

We have organized the Bangkok international film festival since 2008 , Hua Hin International Film Festival Since 2012 and Bangkok Asean Film Festival Since 2015 -2018 ; also, we have undertaken the Thai Film Awards Ceremony (Subanahongsa Awards Ceremony) for over /27 years.

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The Thai Federation of ICT Technology Association (TFIT)

The Thai Federation of ICT Technology Association (TFIT) was established on July 16, 1996. Currently, we have 22 members which includes more than 4,000 persons and legal entities covering all sectors of digital industry. Our visions and roles are to be the central organization that coordinates between all involved sectors, including government, private sectors and the society, use digital technology as a vital mechanism to drive secured and sustainable development in Thailand’s economy and society, also help enhancing Thai people's quality of life through applying technologies to everyday life and support digital reskilling to embrace this disruptive era. Our ultimate goal is being a main organization to drive Thailand to become Asia Pacific's digital technology leader.

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The Thailand Incentive and Convention Association (TICA)

The Thailand Incentive and Convention Association (TICA) is a non-profit organisation established in 1984 jointly by Tourism Authority of Thailand and Thai Airways International with members who are suppliers in the meetings and incentives industry. Private sector members are qualified major industry players. Since the formation of Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) in 2004 as the public organisation responsible for the industry, TICA has been collaborating with TCEB towards mutual objectives.

TICA's main functions are to promote Thailand as the preferred destination for incentive and convention events, to introduce members for possible collaboration, to aid organisers by providing related information and recommendations on planning and organising their movements to Thailand, and to develop expertise for member organisations in servicing planners and organisers.

Our Members are:

  • Convention & Exhibition Centres
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Professional Convention Organisers (PCO)
  • Professional Exhibition Organisers (PEO)
  • Destination Management Companies (DMC)
  • Event Management Companies (EMC)
  • and an entire range of suppliers of business events
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The Private Hospital Association (TPHA)

The Association is laying the ground for a new era of TPHA (The Private Hospital Association) development to be active at the international level.

In 1979 The Association was inaugurated with few founding member hospitals joining together with the goals of seeking common functions of Fee for Service health financing scheme. In 1998 marked the beginning of the second phase, its goal was expanded to embrace private hospitals of all size and customer bases and the board members was increased from 14 to 25 to accommodate members from all regions of the country. The Third phase of the internationalization of healthcare is looming with auspicious beginning for Thailand Chapter of “Healthcare beyond Border.” This presents an opportunity to our private healthcare industries to position themselves for a share of the new market.

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Systems Integration Asia (S.I. Asia)

Systems Integration Asia (S.I. Asia) is a bi-monthly magazine dedicated to the AV industry and key vertical market end-users in Asia. Each issue gives an overview of what is happening in the industry, discusses technology advances, market trends and highlights views and opinions of industry players. S.I. Asia has been serving the AV industry in Asia for 18 years.

S.I. Asia also publishes a fortnightly E-newsletter to keep readers updated on the latest happenings.

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